Why do attractive people go out with non attractive people?

I know that personality is more important to a lot of us.. and you may not agree with me but a lot of times I see hot guys and girls that are with a person that just doesn't look right with them and don't have a nice personality. I don't mean to sound like I'm being judge mental but I am just curious to know why guys/girl settle for less..


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  • Attractive does not mean 'good looking.' Attraction is a multifaceted emotion.


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  • rocksongwriter has the best answer...it all matters what they see in each other not what other people see...where you might see ugly horrible personality...they may see beauty and the most amazing personality ever...just because one person thinks someone is ugly...doesn't mean the whole world does

    • i know what you mean but sometimes a bad personality is always noticeable

    • Thanks, D-Rock!

    • no problem...and yeah but like I said just because you think the person's personality is bad doesn't mean the person their with thinks it is, and maybe your right too, maybe that person does see a bad personality but also sees more in that person than others see. There's no one reason why their together. Everyone has their own different reasons for being with the person their with.

  • Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?

    • i know what your saying but I mean sometimes its obvious

    • That's like saying "I know what your saying but I mean sometimes that expression is not true".

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  • Money, charm, personality, similar interests, financial gain, pity, afraid to say no...all reasons for dating someone unattractive.


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