What does my face shape look like?

and what type of hair styles would look best on my face shape ?


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  • *Sigh*...This is question #87 on the list of "Cyrus 7's self loathing"chart. Stay tuned for more questions like..."Does my hair look okay?"..."Are girls interested in shorter guys?" And comments like,"No,im NOT attractive...dont lie." Stay tuned people,because you know it's coming.

    "Two self loathing questions a day,helps keep all the girls at bay."

    • how is this self loathing? have you even read the f***ing question? holy sh*t

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    • LOL! I fancy this girl

    • HAHAHAHAHA this is just awesome! you go girl xD

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  • I love your faux hawk though, but get the third one down. link

  • Dude, for real, it's whatever hair style you like best and feel most confident having. You gotta up your confidence. It doesn't matter "how old people think you look" or how your hair is. Just sayin...

    • or you could answer the question?...

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    • yea...no

    • Fine, if you want other people to tell you what to do with YOUR OWN goddamn hair, go for a 'high and tight.' My personal favorite for many, many reasons.

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