Guys what are the qualities you are looking for in your future wife?

the title says it all.


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  • Ummmmm ... I dnno... I'm more logical so.. ill say 10 physical, 10 personal 10 behavoural and 10 preferences lol .. :P .. kay? here goes lol...


    1 5'0-5'7

    2 Slim or Curvacious but reasonably petite

    3 Usually white/ caucasion, smooth skin.. milky tea to milk coffee coloured (lol)

    4 B-D breasts.. firm round lol perky upright? You know but, no general preferences

    5 Plump round firm but juicy bum lol - Big preference of mine :P (Y shaped butt cleavage)

    6 Grove in lower back? and or lower back dimples

    7 Long hair, don't mind between black brown and blonde

    8 Nice white teeth? plump lips.

    9 Generally symetrical face, vibrant tho deep eyes.

    10 Nice radiant complexion


    1 Deep, intellectual

    2 Playful and humourous :P

    3 Stubborn and decisive/ opinionated - doesn't budge from her beleifs or at least makes them known

    4 Emotionally understanding

    5 Clingy lol - I like to be thought about a lot :) I would her.

    6 Dependant but Independant - Like, she could hold her own ground and do without, but, with you, she knows its MUCH easier and MUCH more pleasant :)

    7 Physical - doesn't mind to be playful or jump on me :P and have fun lol, or even when she's angry push and shove - just to show she lets out emotion

    8 Generally kind hearted - thinks of those that lack what we have or thinking in others shoes in general or in specific situations

    9 Confident

    10 Insecure


    1 Appreciative of what she has, and slightly spiritual maybe? But just thankfull and happy and well optamistic - bubbly even lol tho logical :P

    2 Stylish and flaunty :P - playful but like immitated in her style like preppy but not slutty - and dresses to impress me not others -__- (im selfish :P)

    3 Enjoys or appreciates the sports, activites I participate in or my abilities and talents :)

    4 Shares her talents and abilities and tries to make the most of them - preferabley I enjoy and find them austhentically pleasing too :P

    5 Mostly introverted, even though she loves to go out with people she actually enjoys being with and values; a mirror image of my approach lol

    6 Affectionate, bold to feed her erges, if it be a cuddle, a kiss, a grope, a peek... anything :P within and varying situations ;) id do the same :P

    7 Dependable/ reliable

    8 Truthfull

    9 Likes my physical appearance and personality, values, acheivments, goals, and beleifs - generally my whole me lol (ultimatley what anyone looks for)

    10 Can be a friend and friendly with others of my peers or family when that touchy lovey playful stuff needs to dull down, so.. flexible in her behavour I guess :P where most suited


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  • A group of us had this discussion the other day, ( females included ) Little girls are raised and taught to be a Princess, not a wife, well that’s BS and not the real world, there is no Prince coming to recue you, it also explains why so many females are spoiled rotten, they expect everything with little to no effort. Why countless men are looking to other countries for a wife now. Don't get me wrong, many of the guys today are no better as well.

    Christian morals and values say it best. A female should be loving and caring, nurturing, supportive, honest and sincere, and the list goes on. Today it seems to be all about good looks on the outside, no one looks inside any more.

    A female teacher said it best one day, she said the problem today is guys are trying to be more feminine, and the females are trying to be men.

    Guys are supposed to be the hunter and gathers, females are supposed to be supportive, caring for the children and so on, home makers. Now I understand females now work outside the home, so there has to be some give and take here, but you get my point.

  • I suppose first and foremost I'd want her to be caring and supportive; somebody who appreciates me and doesn't wish I would be something else. Honesty, intelligence, and a good sense of humor are also important.

  • 1. Respect

    2. Honesty

    3. Caring

    4. Attractiveness

    5. Communication

    6. Patience (I never really been on a date before so everything would be a new experiance)

    7. Humor

    8. Common sense

    9. Easy going

    10. Shares common interest

  • Honest, independent, bright, tolerant, caring, driven, articulate & poor eyesight.

  • A good heart, intelligent, funny, like children, good looking in that order. Looks fade fast as we get older so that is why looks is last.

  • The girl of my dreams exudes radiance. Her face glows when she smiles, at that moment unfurling her beauty. Occasionally shy, she has a great personality and loves to laugh. She either has long or medium length hair. Between 5'8" and 6'1", she has medium to long legs, and rocks a dress like nobody's business. I don't know about weight numbers, but she's got it going on, even if there's some extra skin somewhere. She has eyes that sparkle, and looks really cute when she's pensive or mad, and amazing when she's happy. She is passionate, caring, and has a way with children. She loves Jesus with all her heart.

  • good looks, knows how to cook and clean, and also eh erm ... willing to down lol because I enjoy going down too

  • How many do I have to say? lol...

  • a girl who is nice, cute and slutty

    • You want a slutty wife? Well, I guess if she isn't unfaithful... haha.

  • honest

  • I"ll know when I find her.


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  • damn a lot of these guys have long lists.

    and they say women are picky lol.

    • Agreed! I think my list would only be: nice, funny, attractive, loyal :) But a list of 30 items? holy sh*t that's picky, but the QA did say "ideal" I guess.

    • wait, nevermind, no she didn't! so it's not even ideal, it's just what they're looking for, haha.

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