Is he into me or just looking?

There is a guy in my German class we have been in the same class for 2 semesters now...and he sits on the other side of the conference room table diagonal from me. I think he is really cute, and we both play rugby, he is on the guys team and I'm on the girls team. We are in college and he is a junior and I am a freshman. I sometimes look over at him and smile, and I can sometimes catch him looking at me but he looks away. I don't know what to do...does he like me like is he interested or is he just looking,

if he is interested how to I invite him to make a move? should I talk to him? the school year have like 6 weeks left and it is killing me! please help!


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  • He's shy so he is not gonna make the first move, try flirting with him to break him outta his shell or maybe ask him for help on an assignment.

  • just walk over and say something don't wait for something to happen

    • i have tried to start a convo but he is awkward, and reserved

    • so he's shy big deal...shy people tend to open up when you show them that they can trust you

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