Is being "cute" a good thing?

I'm a really small girl and am often called "cute" by many guys. And upon asking them the reason they say it is my size. Is that a positive thing? Or does that make me... undate-able, for lack of better word?


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  • It depends. For me, height isn't a major issue (I'm prepared to go for 5ft 3" -a foot shorter than me) but for some people it is. "cute" is a word that I place in the gray area. guys can use it for different reasons;

    - not confident enough to say you're hot

    - they don't find you attractive but they don't want to be mean

    - OR they simpy find you "cute"

    • I figure it is the third option in that situation. Because I'm often just randomly told it, I never go fishing for compliments or anything.

    • In that case its good, I would lean towards option 1 in that case. Don't doubt yourself. They're giving you the compliments under no pressure from you.

    • Well then I'm happy to hear that it is positive, thank you for your answer. :)

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  • nah it's good, or at least it is to me, I happen to like smaller girls and I'm 6'6" so even though that's not hard it's still a plus lol. Yeah it is cute but I also think it makes them well I don't know more fun XD

  • Cute is good.

    I've heard of possibly worse terms such as Hobbit... halfling... shortie, stick insect... "child" is the worst.

    So cute is good.

  • At your age I would be disapointed with anything but cute :)

    Definately a good thing to be called Cute, enjoy it.

  • ohhh baby


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