Guys thoughts on girl's hair up almost all the time?

yeah so not to brag but I wanted to make it clear I have the body, the face...everything but the hair. my hair is really the individual strands are thin. I have a good amount of hair but its just wispy mostly and annoying so I wear it up all the time. sometimes I just pull the top up and leave a little down..but anyways is that a total turn off? if I go out I might wear it down if not for long so it won't fall flat...ew I hate it and just so much more comfortable knowing it up and not flyin all around and looking ugly.


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  • Wouldn't be a turn off for me at all. I don't really pay that much attention to the hair of a girl unless there is some drastic change in it color, length, etc.

    • just what I wanted to hear haha=]

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  • I think hair looks pretty down, but it cn also look just as pretty and/or cute up, & I like it just as much. If the girl's more comfortable that way, that's all I care about...

    • I do NOTICE it, but only to see how it cute looks & maybe pay the girl a compliment. I can't think of anything you could do that would be a turnoff...

    • okay so if there was a really hot girl with a pony tail you wouldn't care?=]

    • Nah, pny tails are hella cute! She'd be just as hot with it up or down...

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  • try the horse shampoo. I really think it works wonders

    • thanks but I kinda just wanted to hear if it was a turnoff not really hot to wear it trying to thicken it up but I wanna know about how I wear it now=]]]] and from guys=]]]

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