Is he attracted to me?

I am in the process of finally getting over my ex boyfriend and I ended up meeting this guy. I guess one of the girls I hang out with went to high school with him, so he came over and talked to us. I thought he'd mainly talk to her because he knows her, or he'd talk to my best friend because every guy always seems to and I'm always in the shadows, but when he'd talk he'd look at me the most, rarely the other two, and would just strike up random conversation. and then later he came back over and we were standing in our little circle he stood next to me and got in my bubble lol. like he stood so close his whole arm was resting over mine and like the whole sides of our bodies were touching. I know if I wasn't attracted to him I would have backed away in a second, that is way too close. and I may add he had a lot of room on the other side, so there was no need for this closeness. I just ask because I want to know if it's even worth attempting to pursue lol


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  • If a guy is looking at you a lot, and he's closing in on you, he's attracted to you. In general, an attraction draws one object towards another one.


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