Has anything worked for you to get rid of your stretch marks?

Ive been trying to fix everything about body ever since I lost 80 lbs and a problem I have noticed are my stretch marks. They are not dark anymore but still visible around my belly button. I have been reading online that claims some stuff works, but a lot of other websites say you can only surgically get rid of your stretch marks. Have any of you tried any procedures and and has anyone of them worked for you?


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  • Unfortunately, stretch marks are often permanent. You can use lotions, such as cocoa butter, to help the marks fade. Laser treatment at a doctors office is one of the only ways to remove the stretch marks.


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  • Try Bio Oil! it works so well for scars and various types of marks...its not cheap but if you use it daily it will be worth the cost.

  • Just be tanned it's a trick

    • does that seriously work?

    • well you don't see the strech marks so much specially with spray tan

    • spray on tan, and false tanning is expensive and also has many health concerns...so be careful with this option...

  • bio oil! its over the counter and works miracles.

    • So can I find it at like meijers or a wal-mart?

    • well I live in australia but you should be able to find it at most good pharmacies, some beauty stores but yeah I do think you would be able to get it at wal-mart.

    • most pharmacies should have it, just look around near the female products

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