So what do guys like in a girl and what makes you chose one girl over so many others?

just wondering because its something I think about.


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  • I like natural beauty and out of the ordinary styles. I also kind of go for the unkempt look too, not poor hygiene because, ya know, ew. Just generally not paying a huge amount of attention to what she looks like. There's this girl in my school who usually wears her hair in a really messy bun, wears big floppy sweaters, glasses, rarely if at all wears makeup and has a bit of acne. I actually find her quite attractive. Though she is naturally quite pretty in my opinion, so I'm not sure if the same approach would work with someone who wasn't. Also intellect, personality, common sense, and lack of superficiality is a must. As with generally everybody, physical attractiveness is one of the first things I notice, though my attention to aesthetics eventually wanes if I genuinely enjoy the person's attitude and personality.


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  • I think it's a few things for me.

    Intelligence is one, she doesn't need to be a genius, but I like girl who can think for herself. Not superficial, either about herself or others, and like myspacemybroke says, with makeup, often less is more, we want to see your natural beauty. I like a girl who's got a sense of humor, can take and make jokes, and someone who's not caught up in things that don't really matter. I don't look for physical attractiveness so much, but I do look to see if she respects herself enough to not eat junk all the time and basically treats her body well, no drugs or anything. Her being physically active would be a plus, but not necessarily a requirement, just something nice.

    And this is more personal, but it always seems to be her smile that gets me, don't know why...

    • wow that's something I never thought a guy would say. that's really nice

  • The chicks gotta be hot for me to want her.


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