Do you have a specific 'type'?

I've heard people usually go for people who either look a lot like them or who are the exact opposite.

I like guys who look different to me. Tall darker skinned black or brown hair and brown eyes. Green eyes are nice too though :)

I'm tallish too brown hair pale and blue eyes

So what is you're 'type' and what do you look like?

Also what characteristics do you like? I'm a bit shy so I usually like outgoing guys better to bring me out of my shell more. :)


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  • i don't actually have a type but I like them talll... lol my boyfriend right now is korean and looks nothing like my egyptian self.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I like girls who aren't similar lookin to me.

    Thats why I prefer girls outside my ethnicity.

    I do prefer white girls & more specifically blondes.

    But it all depends on like facial features, body type.

    Then ethnicity and hair color doesn't matter.

    U get me!

  • I don't have a specific type. I like who I like. When I think about all the girls I like/liked, they have all been very different. Tall, short, shy, outgoing, white, black, asian, indian, red hair, blond hair, brunette, black hair, slim, curvy, chubby, fat, smart, dumb (sorry but it's true), snobby, down-to-earth and all of their interests, hobbies, fashion senses etc have all had a wide range.

    So as you can see I do not really have a specific type. I like who I like. Some girls are good for me and some aren't lol.


What Girls Said 1

  • it depends on what I want at the moment and what I'm looking for.

    i like italian guys with hot bodies, and dark skinned black guys with hot bodies. that's about it.


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