Are looks everything?

I know what you're thinking... looks make people's lives easier
I want to agree with that but I also can't agree with it no matter how much i want to
I have decided that I am a beautiful girl, on the inside and on the outside, and I also have decided that I might be either an idiot or crazy...
Pretty people have it easier, they get treated better, they have small benefits that regular people dont
I feel so unwanted, invisible, and no one gives a rat's ass about me... but I'm pretty?
I hear that pretty woman get treated nicely, and that they can walk all over anyone, but though I haven't tried, I feel like everybody wants to erase me or they just do without realizing it. I will get a compliment every now and then if I post to my snapchat story, but thats the extent of it.
Because of all this, I honestly must be fucking crazy
Like I feel like if I were uglier, people might care about me... that's very stupid, I know
but i might be ugly, I am really considering it, and it makes me lose my mind because no matter what, I will be nothing to anybody. Pretty people are always valued in some way or another and I don't think that that's me
I overthink about what others are thinking and I must be doing some unsolvable math equation, people are nice if I ask them a question, but around that, I feel like everybody is in the room except me and that someone could walk through me.

What are your thoughts about how looks affect a person's life?
Are looks everything?
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