Do guys really care about a girl's style?

I'm bored of how I dress and want a new style. I don't let people really dictate how I dress I just want some input.(cant spell haha) so guys do girls clothes matter to u? how do you like them to dress?and any fashionista girls out there? ha ha thanks!<3
oh and I'm 17!


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  • I don't care in the sense that I'd hold it against a girl, but I like how it shows an insight to the girl's likes & I appreciate how hard y'all have to work to look nice. My three favorite things a girl can wear are to tuck ina shirt, belt it at the waist, or wear a baby-doll style top. However, I think ALL the styles I see an girls your age group are hella cute. The most popular around here ius the "tomboy" look, with jeans tees & hoodies, & I love it, but there are some who dress more girlie with skirts & blouses & I like that too. The longer shirts belted at the waist, however are getting increasingly popular. How do you dress now? Are any of these any help?

    • k thanks...i kinda just wear jeans almost everyday with a shirt from like mandees or something and a sweater... kinda just casual to nice I mean I'm just looking for what can get some guys attention maybe?

    • I've seen girls get plenty of attenion dressing that way. Baby doll tops are kind of fitted around & under the boobs & then flow over the tummy, so they're figure forming & get noticed, but I don't know if more so, & if you dress too revealing (not saying you want to) you'll get the wrong kind of notice. Some guys like skirts N dresses, but If I saw you, I think I'd notice you like you are & think you loked great the way you dress now, if that's your main concern...

    • haha thanks I will go shopping and see if I find any cute babydoll tops... wanna answer my other question? ha ha I'm jw link

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  • Not as much as we care, but I guess the clothing reveals a girl personality so if you are dressing certain way you will get some guys attention and not others...They will say they don't care but I think they do at least a bit

  • Girls defainatly care about Forbes more than guys so don't worry to much but if you want to be more stylish I would first of all suggest that you start looking around at school or when your just out. Look at what the " fashionistas" are wearing and look for outfits that you just like :) then go to stOres like forever 21, Charlotte russe, ae, and other popular stores to find your happy medium ;)... I would say the most important thing though is to pay attention to what other people are wearing, and to what people put on mannequins to get examples... Another important thing is To avoid bad stores with unfashionable clothes if your trying to get away from that because hen ill be tempted to buy stuff like what you already own which is bad if your trying to change your style

  • check out stores like





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