GUYS: When you go into your girlfriend's room, what do you look at?

When you go into your girlfriends room (specially the first time) what do you look for/at/in?

AND, what are some turn on's and turn off's when walking into her room?

Thank you! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • tips on what to do before a guy enter's your room:

    1. tidy your room (an untidy room is definitely a turn OFF)

    2. hide your teddy bears and dolls or other collectibles (reminders of our mothers, grandmothers or other old women who collect knickkacks)

    3. there shouldn't be too many religious worship symbols in your room (not to say you cannot be religious to date, but you don't want him to feel uncomfortable by bringing back flashes of Sister Mary on his first visit)

    4. keep your closet doors and lingerie drawers shut

    5. open the curtains to let the light in

    6. spray some perfume to let your room smell nice :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • haha I look at all the stuff that she's done to personalize it, such as posters, the bed and what covers are on it, what's stuck to the mirror (makes me smile when I see a pic of me:P), and I don't mind to much if its a bit of a mess :P

  • Are you in the room with him or is he in your room alone?

    • both! Like if she left the room for a minute to go to the restroom, AND what guys look at while their gf's are iin the room, but maybe just not paying attention to where his eyes are wandering.

What Girls Said 1

  • like are you wondering if he's feeling like snooping? or thinking "hmmm wonder where she keeps her panties?" ha!

    I like this questions I wish more guys would answer now I"m curious too LOL


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