I Look Like I Am 10, What Do I Do?

For My Age I Am Very Little. Everyone Is Always Saying I Look Like I Am 10 And I don't Show It But It Does Hurt My Feelings. I Went Out With My Younger Sister That Is 11 And She Is Taller Than Me And An Old Lady Said You Have Such A Cute Little Sister To Her. -__-

I Want To Look More Adultly But Not To Much At The Same Time? Any Help /:

I Have About 600 To Spend To Make This Happen.


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  • Doing full makeup (eye liner & shadow, mascara, blush) sometimes accomplishes this, and there are a lot of cute tops out now besides tees that teens wear, but they somehow make you think a little older, like 20, 21, or somewhere up in there. I don't know where you are or if they have these stores, but my BFF gets hers sometimes from Hot Topic & forever 21, & actually she found her cutest stuff at Target & Wal Mart. Aeropostale is another one...


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  • Are you sure you aren't still very young?

    You could start my using correct grammar, as that always makes you seem older.

    Avoid loud colors and graphic t-shirts, along with skinny and distressed jeans.

    • That's harsh. What does grammar have to do with looks, & how's it so bad, except maybe 1 or 2 punctuation mistakes at the very end, unless you're counting capitalizing words. I earned an associates degree majoring in English, literature & English Education before I decided my true talents are with computers by the way,

  • It's a lot about the way you dress and the way you carry yourself. In terms of dress, you don't need to dress expensively, but I agree with Kattrain. Look sophisticated. But I also don't know how old you are. So depending, you could honestly just be a late bloomer, and I wouldn't get too upset by what people say. You'll catch up. And who cares what they think anyway?

    Anyway, it also has to do with how you carry yourself. Like walking with confidence, head held high... you know. Think of how a 10 year old walks versus someone your age. Know what I mean?


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