Do you think girls are cute when they sleep? Would you care if they snored?

Alright, so as a girl I think guys are the cutest when they sleep! So childlike and tranquil. It's honestly beautiful and magical to see a boy sleep.

But, I'm told when I sleep I snore really loudly it's something that makes me really worried and nervous. And I honestly don't think I look attractive at all when I sleep.

So, say you were dating or had feelings for a girl and you guys decided to fall asleep together.

Would you care if they snored?

And do you think most girls are cute when they sleep?


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  • "So childlike"


    Anyway, yes I enjoy watching girls sleep. From outside their window at night.


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  • It is cute to watch them sleep they are so content, and snoring wouldn't brother me it's better to watch them sleep if they are asleep in your arms

  • its really cute and sweet when I see sleeping girls (not in a creeper way lol) and even more awesome if its in my arms, but snoring would kill it for me if it was loud lol


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