What are men looking for in a woman? what catches a guy's attention at a bar or just anywhere.?

so I'm 25 and I don't consider myself to be unattractive. I'm a curvy girl size 12 .. with curves in the right places.. but I have been single for over 4 years and I don't know what is wrong with me ... it seems like only attract the wrong guys... right now I'm at a point where the last time I was approached by someone was like over a yr. ago... I have a lot to offer and ready to give to a relationship.. but it seems like I only meet guys that want sex from me, have some weird fetishes and fantasies, married or engaged men, or plane out unemployed losers... I literally can go back to all the men I have met in the past 4 years and they all have some type of issue.. and I swear I'm not being picky ... I have gone from married men, to confused men (sexuality issues), to a sex offender..help... :)


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  • If you want to catch attention, depending on the attention type you want, dress accordingly. Always be subtly sexy, never revealing too much or too little, but that's a given. You can also try to wear "conversational" pieces, that offer up something interesting for a guy to mention.

    I would start taking initiative and try to scope out the guys you feel are giving off a sweeter vibe than the scary loonies of your past. It'll be hit and miss, but it's worth a shot. Don't always wait for them to come up to you. Or find a way to "invite" them up to you.

    Also, guys will be more likely to approach a girl that looks like she can have fun. So dance and have a good time with your girls! Guys won't be able to HELP but notice you! Just make sure you don't look like a crazy party animal, or guys will only expect to hook up. You need to portray a sense of innocence.


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  • It may be that your looking in all the wrong places... Often the guys that are nice(I consider my self to be) are nervous and or scared of denial. Maybe mention to some guy friends that you may be interested in that you want someone to cuddle with and then if anything happens see where it goes... tell them that you don't want them to play games...

  • Be proactive. Go up to guys.


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