I'm probably paranoid but what could I have done to cause a guy not to look at me?

we met a few weeks ago and became friends on facebook. I chatted him once just to talk but he wasn't very receptive so I stopped talking. I chatted him another time just to ask about an exam we had in one of our classes. usually when he saw me he would say hi to me and ask how I am...now he won't even make eye contact with me. sometimes I feel like he's looking at me and when I look at him, he looks away (casually, not fast or slow and he doesn't acknowledge me). what did I do? I'm so upset! I barely even know him and he ignores me! :(


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  • maybe he doesn't like you...

    • well I get that. but what did I do? like, he isn't even polite. just because you don't like someone doesn't usually mean you stop looking at them or even saying hi does it?

    • stop worrying about it

    • it's just a question. I'm pretty sure it's normal to worry about it anyway. it's weird and I'm wondering why he would do that.

What Girls Said 1

  • ..let it go..he seems weird..


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