Does it really effect your view on a girl if she's less fortunate?

So my boyfriend of 4 months and I are in love. We're only 16, but I just know it's true love. I just know.

I've gone to his house numerous times, and he is very fortunate. He lives in one of those rich/friendly neighborhood's, and his backyard is the city's lake. The weirdest thing is before I met him he told me he "didn't live in the nicest area", and I felt relieved since I didn't either, but his house and neighborhood makes my place look like a shack... Plus his mother and sisters are skinny and beautiful, but are agnostic. :\

My family is the complete opposite. We live in the ghetto, and our house is falling apart. Plus my house is kinda ghetto rigged every where you look. I know its wrong to say, but I'm kinda ashamed of it. Both my parents are blue collar, and over weight. Plus my dad has gingivitis, so his mouth is all jacked up. My family is very happy though, and are strong Christians.

Here's where I get worried... Saturday he is coming over for the very first time, and I'm worried he is going to look down upon my family. I mean we are impoverished compared to him, and I just feel kinda embarrassed about it all.

What do you think he will think of me afterwards?


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  • My dear, when you'll be in your 70s and will feel like you just know it's true love, by then you will have learned that this is just a strong feeling, not an actual objective impassionate assessment that I fact your love is mutual, lasting and true.

    If I had a penny for each 16 year old who thought he or she had a true love, and was wrong, I would be far wealthier than your bf's family could even contemplate.

    The bottom line is, I think his family would let him fool around with you but if he says he wants to marry you they would pressure him to look around more and to not marry until after some fancy college.

    I would not go as far as saying that your Boyfriend would specifically look down on your relative poverty, but if there are things around the house that obviously need care and are not receiving it, that would be a turnoff as to some extend it rubs off on you as a future housewife. If neither of your parents are taking care of their heart health and making smart food choices and keeping their weight in check, inevitably you have the risk of acquiring the same shape after your teenage metabolism slows down.


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  • Don't worry much about it and as for true love, I am pretty sure its just puppy love. I am sure he will probably look down at your family or at least be happy to meet your parents.


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  • I woudnt worry about it...worst case scenario he looks down on you for it and at that rate, do you really want a guy who is going to turn his nose up to your family and where you live? Best case, he will be thrilled to be invited in your home and meet your parents and it would mean a lot to him that you did so.

  • Speaking from his point of view, I am incredibly self conscious about my 'fortunate' situation, so it's unenjoyable on either side of the spectrum. He is well adapted to what he has, what you have is fascinating.

    • So I guess everyone is self conscious of their situation, rich or poor?

      And how is what I have fascinating?

    • Not everyone per se, but the assumption that wealth equates to dignity is bull. I can guarantee he has his own hesitations about being rich, though.

      Anything in stark contrast to someone else's conditions is fascinating.

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