EWW! How to get rid of upper lip hair?

I'm a 22 year old Italian girl and I've had upper lip hair that I've noticed since I was 11. I also have kinda light skin. I got so sick of it that I started to bleach it. And it just looks worse, especially when I wear some foundation. It just makes it blond. I have a lot of fine hairs on my upper lip(tons! And it is so gross. All the women in my family have it.) I want it gone. I'm scared to wax, I am definitely not going to shave it. I am stuck on what to do because I don't want it to grow back darker. I can't have it permanently removed...I'm broke.
I'm really curious about threading. Has anyone done this?
And hair removal cream and I guess I can try waxing, no salon around where I live has ever heard of threading. But I don't want my skin to be ruined. How long does waxing last? Is it the same as hair removal cream?
I did it. So happy :) My face looks so much better :) thanks all!


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  • I've got the same exact thing and I'll tell you what I do that works like a miracle-

    Either 1. Go get your lip threaded (they do eyebrows, too if you'd like a nicer shape there). It's an Indian thing where they pluck the hair with thread, by getting the hairs caught in the twists and pulling it out. It's like plucking only faster and less painful.

    or 2. They have a cream (at your local CVS) that you can get, and use more than once, you apply it and it basically melts the hairs off. That one also works really really well for me when I can't afford to go to get it threaded. You just put it on for five minutes, wipe it off with moist cloth and you're good to go. It should only cost 5 bucks I think.

    • Will threading make the hairs grow back more noticeable? Or do you think that they'll grow back the same? Or thicker? Like some of my eyebrow hair grows back a little dark(like a few) but the rest come back in thin. I want to try threading.I've read that waxing isn't good because it can darken your skin.

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    • Threading doesn't hurt your face. The area will turn red for a while but that's to be expected. And, actually, at least at the place I go, they put lotion on afterward to sooth the stress of the hairs being ripped out.

    • Threading is def the way to go. With waxing you have the risk of irritating your skin, and who wants to walk around with a red upper lip all day?

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  • I've had a bad experience waxing my upper lip 'cause I got burnt and it wasn't even hot wax. Now, I tweeze! Yes, tweeze! But not without topical anesthesia (I use lidocaine/prilocaine, a dermal anesthesia) which I apply directly on my upper lip and leave on for about 20 minutes before tweezing so I don't feel a thing! It's amazing how smooth it still is... no need to worry about goose pimples because the hair on that area it really thin.

  • I wouldn't recommend hair removal cream cause of the chemicals, go to a salon and have it waxed, they won't hurt you.

  • waxing is not hard at all. just go to a walmart or drugstore and get some facial waxing strips and try them out. it will last at least a month, and the more you do it, the less the hair will grow back. also it grows back find and not stubbly.

    if you want to do threading, just look it up on youtube, there are some tutorials, but you need to be careful and not catch your skin in the thread or it will really hurt and leave a red mark. but the upper lip area is pretty easy to do because you kind of make a weird face to hold it taught and you're good to go.

    anyways, there's nothing to worry about, just look up waxing on youtube, too. all this stuff is easy and takes minimal time and money to get rid of something like this that will bug you constantly.

  • Just wax that right out!

  • you should try waxing with facial wax. It's gentle on the skin, especially sentistive areas such as the face. Waxing is great because the hair grows back slowly (6 weeks or so) and more fine. You can do this yourself at home. Don't be scared, it doesn't hurt as much as you think it does :)

    • I did it. It didn't hurt much it just felt like a pinch. The woman who did it missed some hairs and some didn't come out all the way. I am so glad that I did it. Even though there are still a few hairs it is 100x better than before. Don't know why I waited so long to get it done. :)

    • Oh yay! that's great :D I bet you feel a billion times more confident now hehe :)

      dont worry about the hairs that she missed.. the few hairs that do remain were probably so thin that the wax might not have held onto it. I'm glad you found that it didn't hurt much either.

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