Breathing problems or just unfit?

so guys I can run longer and faster that other people in my team.. but the thing is, I breathe like an elephant! am I just unfit (low cardio) or do I have a breathing problem? every since I was a kid even when I would just sit down I would breathe so loud...

height: 5'7-5'8

weight: 170 pounds

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Could be either. You may have great stamina, but just not a large lung capacity. There's also a chance of having a medical issue, whether it be low level asthma, a semi-collapsed lung or the muscles around your lung are not contracting and relaxing fully - you should just go and get checked out to be safe.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I dunno, could be a combination. I know with me I have a breathing problem cause of something that happened when I was younger. I could get it fixed but I dun wanna spend the money for it cause it's not horribly bad.

    I'd honestly have to know more about you if it was a breathing problem or unfit. I'm gonna guess breathing problem (cause most really do).

    • - when I was young I was exposed to some smoke because my mom use to smoke and I would sometimes play with fire too

      - I've only started hardcore exercising 2 months ago (but I use to walk and bike at least 30 minutes a day)

      - I wear lose bras

      - when I take a very very very very deep breathe (like very very deep) my chest goes through this 5 second pain!

      - and... well that's all the info I can giv right now.

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm it could really be either. I am small but I have a terrible reathing problem. For me it could just be altitude and being so high up and what not, because I will walk across campus and be totally out of breath, so I think for me I have a breathing problem. You say you work out and stuff and seem to be in good I would maybe say its a breathing issue.


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