Attracting different "styles"

I promise I know this is a stupid and superficial question, but I'm honestly curious..

Okay, I dress, basically like a hipster. How come gangsters are the only type of guys interested in me? (also creepy old men.. but that's a different question.)

I want to attract guys who like the same type of music, art, etc. as I do. What the heck? Is it because I'm a different ethnicity that white "indie" guys aren't attracted to me? Or at least show ANY interest at ALL?

Again, I know I sound really stupid, so please forgive me.


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  • what race are u? + what do you mean by ganster you mean low slung jeans and baseball caps? or actual gansters like some russians dressed in black alll the time

    • hispanic. and both haha. j/k. the first one. I got asked out by a guy with a gold grill the other day.

  • LMFAO... old men LOL

    You don't sound stupid and that's being honest, but that was hilarious

    You can't really control what guys you attract because everyone has their taste. I have no idea why you attract gangsters because I don't know what you look like, but it's not your hipster look for sure. Maybe you just live in a gangster neighborhood.

    Try changing your hair color, accessorize differently, or not dressing like a hipster anymore. Have you ever tried dresses or nice blouses with jeans. If the same thing happens then I'm going to go with you're just attractive to gangsters and old people. SORRY

    • lol aw. no need to laugh :P

      i'm hispanic and I do kind of live in a downtown area. however, it seems my type of guys just walk right by me. boo.i suppose I could lower my standards.

      and yes I wear non-hipster clothes too. :(

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    • Don't lower your standards. Don't expect prince charming either, but when you lower your standards bad things start to happen. The right guy will come along sooner or later.

      P.S. not all old people are pedophiles because I use to do community service at an senior center and they just want someone to listen to their stories sometimes.

    • haha I know not all old people are pedophiles.. just the ones that hit on me thinking I'm 17 are. lol. I love the elderly!

      but thanks for your help :)

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