No clue how to dress now that I've lost the weight, need suggestions?

Okay umm here's the thing. I used to be really overweight but I dropped most of the weight now and aside from my legs I don't think I look half bad now. I've never really cared about style before because when I was *big* I had low self esteem and thought I looked like crap anyway. But now things have changed.

I'm 5'10" to 5'11" (ive been told both #s at the doctors office), 155 lbs. I'm a little bit on the thick side but its basically all solid, like I've got abs and everything. I've got average/smallish size boobs, a B cup. I'm pretty toned all over and even cut in a couple places (like my abs). I don't really have the classic hourglass figure, I mean it's there a little bit but not much. I do have a big round butt but its solid like the rest of me.

The area where I'm most worried is my legs. They're huge. And it's all solid muscle. Like as in my thighs are as big around as some smaller girls' waists and it's all rock hard (but not really cut or defined). They're kinda out of proportion from my upper body because of the mass of them. I'm not sure if I should show them off or hide them. They're kinda tan I guess and there's no visible blemishes so I don't know what others will think about them.

I don't know what I should be dressing in, what I should be accenting and what I should be hiding. Are tight jeans or even skirts/shorts a go or a no-go? I have no clue, I'm so new at this "trying to look pretty" thing.


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  • It's about what you feel comfortable in.

    Now- I can't say whether or not you should be showing your legs - as I've not seen them, but if you're comfortable, and they're toned and unblemished I don't see why not. If you're worried about you thighs, go for a slightly longer cut on a skirt or dress.

    Your style should really reflect your personality - or just whatever you happen to think looks good. I think to start off with maybe you should go look around some stores, without a set idea of image and just pick out some items you like the look of. Colour, pattern, shape . whatever and try out different things.

    The 'folk' look is very in for autumn - like I said, I'm not sure if this would be 'your thing' but it's a flattering style for most figures. It allows for baggier dresses, which can be clinched in at the waist, or empire line, or hips - wherever you find most flattering, to create more of a shape.

    The best cut in trousers would probably be a boot cut or wide legged - which will balance with the top half of your body - as it will skim over your thighs.

    It is probably best - as you've described your biggest worry as your legs - until you're more confident with them, to draw attention away from them - by wearing darker colours, block on your bottom - maybe wearing leggings with a tunic.

    The key is to experiment, go out - look around, ask advice from people in shops. Generally, if you go into a smaller boutique the workers have more an idea what they are talking about and are more happy to help.

    And don't feel obliged to stick to one style.


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  • It doesn't hurt to experiment with styles. Like if you go to the store, pick out a few different styles/outfits, see which one you like best. And try it again when you go back, and try to bring some variety into your own style. Mix it up. Find what works for you. It's what I do.

    • The problem is that I don't really have an eye for this sort of thing and want to "dress to impress" if you know what I mean.

    • I just pick out a few outfits and bring a friend along to get a second opinion (preferably a girl). And then look at how other people dress and see what you think looks good and what doesn't. Look at magazines and tv, too. But I know that it's always best to more than you need and narrow it down to what you think looks best. Just don't let it get to your wallet, lol.

    • And dressing to impress, it's like you got to figure that something like a hoodie and baggy jeans is pretty casual, so you might have to start trying to find clothes that help accentuate your figure. For a guy this is a lot easier, so I'm going to have to leave a lot of the rest up to the girls, lol. But different stores have different styles of clothes and the more you start looking into it, the better idea you'll have for yourself.

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  • I agree with The-Nash--bring a friend along with you, look at magazines, etc. My friends always encourage me to try on things that I wouldn't consider if they weren't with me, and they're honest about how it looks. And magazines like Seventeen always have articles about how to show off your best feature or how to cover your legs.

    Jeans look fine on anyone, so don't worry about that. For skirts, it depends. I would say stay away from anything that clings (like pencil skirts), but anything with more flow to it would glide over your legs and basically hide them. Avoid skirts that are mid-calf, they make legs look even bigger.

  • u shold probaly start by getting a few basic clothing items like jeans, t shirts, tanks, bras, etc. when you try them on just find the fit that you like and that compliments your body. I hope I was of some help!