Hey guys, which do you prefer to see your girl in, Heels or flats?

I love shoes as I am sure a lot of other females do but heard that guys like women in heels and I wanted to know if that was true. So tell me, which attracts you more on a woman heels or flats.

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  • Something she's comfortable in that is appropriate to the surroundings or event.

    So heels can look great, but round the house or if there's no special meeting at work?

    Flats seem more practical and less damaging to me in most circs.

    It is one of those areas that is strictly utility and low attention to 99% of guys I know. So if you are paying Mr Choo hundreds of dollars some time, you have to be getting that value internally bacause he may not even notice, let alone care.


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  • Nothing ridiculous. Super high heels look stupid.

    Apart from that, I have no preference. It's all about how well she takes care of her actual feet that tells me if she's classy or not.

    • Well women who wear a lot of heels usually have messed up feet.

    • well, then I HATE heels. Maybe once in a while they are great.

  • I like the woman, NOT her shoes.

  • I don't really pay attention to those things.

  • Flats,I don't find heels attractive

  • I prefer flats but heels once in a while are hot :P

  • Definitely flats. Heels are OK though. Boots never ever.


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