Is there any really beauty to life?

i am unemployed and will soon be homeless. I have less than 10 days to find a new place to live, and I have no job to speak of. I was suppose to have a 50k job lined up for me after this training I am at was over, but I lost my eligibility (despite being told that wouldn't happen) during my time here at this military school.

all of my old friends from college have moved away, and while I could find another job, it'll take months to go through the hiring process.

so as I sit here with really no immediate solution, I can't help but think at how alone I am while things seem grim and pretty bleak.

i'm not sure how to pick myself up, or where to even begin...

not sure what I expect writing this, but just seemed like a venting dealio...


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  • Sorry to hear about that. I hope things turn around for you.

    I'd say there is beauty in life if you either make it or go to find it. If you live miserably, then you'll obviously be miserable. Sure there are things out of our control, but being buried by these problems isn't helpful to you.

    If you get down and are really desperate, I'd say join the military. I have confidence that I can do well for myself after I get out of school, but the military seems like it would be my escape route if I ever ended up in a situation like yours.

    • i'm in the military man hah. I have 8 months til I deploy, its a matter of killing time until then

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    • lol yea its pretty sh*tty of them, but that's how positions in major cities are; really impersonal and unwilling to make exceptions (was gone 6 months).

      I have 8 months till I MOB, then going to deploy for 12 months in NOV, so I'm not too worried man. I'm guessing your military or prior service?, but you know how a deployment can be. heh between BAH and non-taxed base pay I'm going to come back with 75,000 sitting in my bank. so its just the current now that sucks ya know =/

    • Nope, not military. I've just read into it a lot and know a good amount of people in the service. But with all the kickers, that's why I thought you'd be in a pretty good spot even for being Guard. I guess just take it by the day and do what you need to do until ship date. Best of luck

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  • Where are your parents?

  • I'd call your parents, ask about getting a plane ticket there, things are really rough clearly and they love you I'm sure they'd be glad to help. Otherwise it's all about the courage to get off this site where you can't get any real help and where you're just complaining to get it off your chest. Well, you've done that, you've felt sorry for yourself now it's time to start working again because there are opportunities out there, you just need to look in places you might not have thought of before.

    Start by getting a job somewhere, any where. Hell, check at your local YMCA, or a restaurant, or a retail store. Just get a full time job, doesn't matter where. Next, there are apartments that don't cost that much. Yes, they might not be in the best of shape, or in the best part of town but do you want to be living on the streets in that town on at least have a few locks on the door and a roof over your head? Really which would be worse? Another option, contact those friends that moved away, they're still your friends, that friendship doesn't just stop because they're not in sight anymore. Talk to them, ask if you can pay some of their rent and live with them, just for a month or so till you're back on your feet. I'm sure they'll say yes. And if one of them doesn't another one will. Or, if that doesn't work, see if you can find some where online where some one is looking for a roommate, you're young so you can probably fit in with some grad students living off campus. That will also put you in a good area for work.

    You have a lot of options, nothing is hopeless, you're just getting worried and stressed and depressed so you can't see what else there is to do. And that's not bad, you just need some one to help you out. Things seem a lot worse when you can't fight the urge to just slump in a puddle of sadness and not look for the other side. I've been there, I know. So just... Pluck you, you'll be okay, and look, there is always somewhere to turn. I believe in you.

    • yea it was just a matter of venting, thank you for the empathetic answer

      heh I don't have any family .. think foster care & state homes.. but I can be homeless at my university .. sleep in the campus main study hall and shower at the gyms. on a good note I got accepted into my masters program and will have that paid for in full as well :)

      sooo kind of shady living situation but its not too bad

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  • Move in with a friend? Move back in with your parents?

    Even if it's just temporary while you get back on your feet.

    • the problem is all my friends have moved on. and the only family I have moved back to europe my man.

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