Of all the 100 things, what is 3 top things that girls look for?

Of 1000s of things that are demanded...if you have to narrow it down to 3 things which you cannot live without, what would be those 3 things in a guy?


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  • The best sense of humor in the F***ING world! If he has no sense of humor and he's a bore, I'd never even consider him as a friend, much less anything else...

    Musical talent - and I mean true musical talent, that he's actually been blessed with musical genes, and not just the ability to hold a bass, or recite lyrics! xD That's just ridiculous!

    That something - he has to have that something...I won't say solely charisma, because that's not all of it, but some sort of charm that he exudes...I think you can tell what I'm talking about. And this can't be influenced, this is actually something you either have or don't have. --this is different for each person, and you don't have to be the hottest guy on the face of this earth to have it!

    ...for example - Ben Barnes is beautiful, but he just doesn't have it: link ...and that makes him seem to me like he'd be a better friend material rather than boyfriend material, because kissing him would be like kissing my brother... :/

    (I've seen some interviews with him - in the interviews you can see if someone has that something, and he just doesn't... )

    Hope I helped



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  • Sense of humor, I love guys that can make me laugh. (:

    Honesty, liars make me so mad! You won't get anywhere with me if you lie. Always tell the truth no matter what. You shouldn't even do anything you have to lie about. (:

    Very sweet personality, don't be rude to a girl, always be sweet and understanding.

    Honestly don't listen to the guys that answered because it's not all about how much money you have or how big your penis is.

    • What if you're "rude" but you're just joking/teasing and you both know it. That's what I'm always questioning on here. I see you say "sweet and understanding" but when I tease a girl I'm not necessarily sweet.

    • If you're teasing/joking and both of you know that's what is going on then that's fine. I'm saying don't chew a girl out for no reason and always be there for her. You can tease as long as she knows it's innocent (:

  • sense of humor, intelligent and kind!

  • Sense of humor.



  • Honesty




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  • Not a girl, but this question is easy.

    1.) Money.

    2.) Moar money.

    3.) Some kind of personality.

  • Girls want three things in a guy



    Big d'ick


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