Fanci-full temporary hair dye?

my hair is a dark blond and I'm wanting it to be dark brown or black. I bought some Fanci-full temperary hair dye. the kind that warshes out with shampoo. And I was wondering if anyone else has done this and the results? thanks yall!


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  • Hey, you sound like me! I tried that and the color barely changed at all... It's not really a good indication of what your hair color might look like.

    If I were you, and you don't mind trying it, I'd go with an actual hair dye - the semipermanent kind that lasts for about two months. I did that and was pleased with the results, so I've been dying my hair permanently since.

  • That stuff is a rinse, so yeah, it will wash out and can even get on stuff if you're not careful. If you just got it to see the color on yourself, that might work, but try doing a strand test on a more hidden piece of hair then washing it out to see how it goes. Bc depending on the lightness of your hair, it might stain a little.

    If you just want to dye it dark, I would suggest getting a semi permanent color in a dark brown. Unless you wanna look super goth, don't go black.


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