How to get rid of blackheads?

can anyone in the know recommend a way to get rid of blackheads on my nose? please no homemade remedies. I would only like to hear about products I can go buy in the store. thank you =]
is there a way to get rid of them and stop them from coming back? are they going to stop once I'm like 20 years old?


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  • Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips:


    Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque:


    Use the masque once a week.

    St.Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub:


    Use 1-2x a week.


    -Cleanse your skin in the morning when you wake up, at night before going to bed and after working out or sweating.

    -Salicylic Acid is great for unclogging pores and deep cleaning pores. Using a cleanser once a day with Salicylic Acid can help you see a reduction of blackheads.

    -Before using the masque, but after cleansing and exfoliating, steam your face. Either take a wash cloth, wet it and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and keep in on your face for a minute or two, or fill a pot with water, let it boil and steam your face. It helps bring the blackheads to the surface.

    -If you can afford it, try getting a facial, they normally do extractions.

    -Dermatologist is obviously your best bet.

    • To help further prevent blackheads, cleanse your face with a cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid & exfoliate your skin 1-2x a week.

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    • I have the Clarisonic and absolutely <3 it. I got it for my birthday though

    • great advise. the Mask and the scrub are perfect.

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  • if you have lots of clogged pores rather than full inflamed pimples then this tip will help. just don't try and use this tool on deep cystic acne, it'll really damage your skin


    it is an extractor that attacks forming pimples so they never fully develop. I do this extracting process at night because it leaves skin red for an hour or two. doing this every week keeps my skin really clear

    i know it looks like a torture device or something a dentist uses but it is my HG so give it a shot! you need to be careful when using this tool because if you are too aggressive with it you can bruise your face :( first, steam your face in the shower or hold a hot and wet washcloth to your face for 1-2 min. now your pores are open and it's time to use the extractor. hold the loop of your choice (I use the thinner wire loop) parallel to your face and press down very lightly, slowly dragging it along your face. this should not hurt, just feel a little uncomfortable at the more sensitive parts of your face like right beside your nose. you'll see the gunk collect in the loop so just wipe it off after every swipe or two. you must start slow to get the hang of this tool!

    most importantly, if after two swipes over a pore the gunk does not come out, move on and try again tomorrow. it's not worth it to damage your skin and it will come out when it's ready.

    i just introduced this tool to a friend today and she had the hang of the tool in less than 10 min after I used it on her for a few swipes. it's really weird at first but you'll grow to love it! once you are done cleaning your pores, sanitize the tool (I use the neutrogena acne pads to clean it out) then hold a wet and cold washcloth over the places you used the tool for 1-2 min to close the pores back up again so less gunk will get in them in the future.

    The first time using this tool always takes the longest, the rest is just maintenance of your already cleaned out pores. I use this mostly on and around my nose, occasionally around my hairline too. I know it's a little expensive but it is an industrial strength stainless steel tool. think about how much $ you'll save by not always running out to buy disposable pore strips that so the same job but not quite as well. good luck and I hope this helps!

  • Biore deep cleansing pore strips. You can find them at any CVS or drugstore. They've worked miracles with me. Use three, four times a week.

    A suggestion would be that if you're a member of a health club, go to the steam room three or four times while you're there. The blasts might loosen the blackheads a bit.

  • Nose strips.. You can find them at most stores they are found usually around the womens cosmetics and things like that or you can buy them at amazon. The work really good and you notice them in the strips

    • i use them a couple times a month.

  • Black Head strips, exfoliators if theyre really bad try accutane.

  • Use cleansing products.

  • get a good clay mask


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  • Sea Breeze, which also has a blue Oily skin offering.

    $5/bottle small

    As Eliz Taylor once advised - NEVER touch your face with your hands - only a Kleenex.

    Swimming pools & ocean help, as does moderate amounts of sun w/o grease protection; too much sun or drinking makes it worse.

    Your skin will become drier in your twenties but if you have it bad, it might be after you're 50+.

    Avoid prescription drugs (ref. Accutane) and TV products that only hide cheap peroxide or chlorine/bleach ingredients in high dollar fragrant creams, et al.

    Once you try this, you'll select this as Best Answer.

  • Ice pick


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