I am getting my hair cut next Saturday and I don't know what style to get cut?

I have a Oval/Round Face shape. Any ideas of what haircut I should get and what cuts I should stay away from?

And I can't really tell what my face shape is :

Round OR


okay. thank you :). I read on one or two websites saying that a short haircut that ends below your face would be fine but a bob wouldn't because of coarse it makes your face look way rounder. should I definitely not cut it short, cut it short but not too short?


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  • well, I'd stay away from short hairstyles :P With a more round face you want to slim the appearance of it out. Stay away from straight across the forehead bangs and try get some longer strands framing your face regardless. Oh, and layers are always a good thing ^_^

  • Stay away from curly hair as it can make your face look rounder than it already it (unless you naturally have curly hair). You should go for straight hair with choppy layers that frame your face.


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