Girls, what do you think of people wearing formal clothing?

Girls, I am a freshmen in college and I'm curious to what do you think of guys who wear formal clothing? Not to heavy but just a collar t with a tie and jeans or anything around casually formal? Do you like it when guys groom themselves and take care of their image? Do you think it is sexy, cute, hot or cool? Do you see guys at college do it a lot? Would you be happy if you saw guys dress like that?
  • It doesn't matter.Clothes is clothes.
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  • It does matter. A guy who takes care of himself with his looks are hot?
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  • I love seeing a guy who dresses up formally. Its a good eye candy.
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  • I like it. When my boyfriend wears a nice shirt I always smile. I love when guys look nice. No pants half way down their ass, no baggy clothes, no ripped pants or shirts.

    I think it's sexy when I guy looks nice, provided he can pull the clothes off. I also respect a guy more when he makes an effort to look nice and respectable. I would never even think of dating a guy who I didn't respect, and as shallow as I feel admiting it, I will never respect a guy who dresses... "gangster" or anything like that.

    More power to you if you can keep it up. Some mornings I have trouble not just walking out in PJ pants. But trust me, I"m lazier than most I know, if I can do it, you can, too.

    • Thanks Zombiefood. I can't stand "gangster" clothing. It's so redundant and useless. What type of color of collar t or tie do you enjoy seeing on a guy?

    • Well... I don't really know. My boyfriend doesn't actually have any buttond own shirts but sometimes he'll wear a nice black shirt, or a high collar sweater/sweatshirt kinda thing that's really classy and nice. Mostly I like simple things, black and dark blues I find always look good on guys. And not so much tight around the chest but I like a guy with a lean waist/stomach. Not a fan of six packs but just lean muscle, and if you've got it... Flaunt it!

  • of course girls like when guys take care of their image! dress to impress. but don't over do it.


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