Guys, do you find it cute when girls literally have to look up at you?

.. like if the girl is shorter than you, they have to look up at you and talk


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  • yes, I have a very protective personality and smaller girls basically scream out to that part of me.


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  • No. When a girl looks up at me I immediately think she is looking up my nostrils, which makes me paranoid.

    From distance, small girls are cute, in that pixie-like way. But up close, with them looking up at me, makes me paranoid and slightly freaked out.

    Easier to kiss when they match your height, too. :)

    • hahahah that made me laugh

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    • ohh okay yeah I am 5'1 and my guy friend is 6'2. and he always makes fun of me cause I'm small

    • Aw. Almost a pixie :o

      I'd be paranoid around you. You should see if you make your friend paranoid. Look directly up at them and see if he/she bottles it and pulls away. :)

      Mean fun, and other such cruelty. :)

  • Well I'm tall and I don't find a girl cute just because she has to look up at me to talk because pretty much most girls have to do that. If I happen to like her then I would find beauty and cuteness in many of her actions not just her looking up at me to talk.

  • It can be, if she has a really cute face to go with it. Not so much when we're having like a normal conversation, but more if we're cuddling or something.


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  • This is such a random but good question!


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