How/what should I wear to dress better?

i am about 20-30lbs over weight (5'3, 147lbs) but have good curves(pretty wide hips, slightly smaller waist, 34-36C, etc). most of my excess body fat is on my thighs and stomach. the curves I have are good, but don't show when I wear a shirt. T-shirts make me look kinda box-y but, the curved/tight shirts, its either too big to fit right or too tight and makes my torso look unappealing.

what can I wear that'll show my curves? the RIGHT curves.

all real answers will be appreciated :)
i do eat pretty healthily.i try to stay away from too much sugar and carbs like bready things


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  • What a great question. I love that you are so honest about your body. I believe the more honest you are the better you'll look. I hesitate to make a specific recommendation regarding any particular pieces of clothing because we've never met and I wouldn't just want to arbitrarily tell you what to wear. However something I will tell you that I tell all my female clients that will help immediately with your "Curves" both the good and bad is to make sure you have the proper foundation garments. The right bra is crucial for lifting the girls to their proper position and making your small waist appear smaller. Also I want you to make sure you have your Spanx or similar product. Spanx are the best thing to ever come into a womans life! I love them and wouldn't let my clients dress without them. I hope this helps a bit and good luck with dressing better. I think you're on the right track.

    Ben Wolff

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  • The tops that are a little big, try belting them at the waist, or if this is appealing to you, you sound like you hve a great shape for tucking them in. I've also noticed wearing a belt through belt loops even with a top tucked out loose can draw the waistline in some. Another thing that looks good on just about anybody is a bay-doll top. it's tight around & under the boobs, but kind of flowy over the tummy & hips while still being really flattering to the curves...

  • Your shirts should be form fitting around your bust. That'll make their shape stand out. If they're loose they'll hang off your boobs and make you look boxy. In the meantime, you should hit the gym to lose some of the excess weight around your midsection. Also, if you eat better, that'll help.


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  • My body type is pretty similar, except that I'm a few inches taller. I always try to...

    -Attract attention to the bust. I'm a 34C and proud :) so a detailed top area and a toned-down bottom area is always good.

    -Attract attention to the waist. The smallest part of the torso, and SO easy to show off. A tighte waistband or a busy waist belt is great.

    -Not wear tight tight things. I know I want to sometimes, but I've accepted that I can't pull everything off, and there are great ways to show off any body.

  • Wear dresses and nice shirts and nice jeans and maybe some heels sometimes.


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