Must a Girl lose her modesty to impress a guy?

I want to know? why must a girl lose her decency and her modesty to impress a guy? you see it everywhere.on TV,in the movies an in today's music. the girl is always scantily dressed or half this right behaviour? in my opinion no!


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  • A lot of womenin the US think of sex as something they can sell, either directly or indirectly (get free entertainment, an advancement at work.) and so they dress accordingly, to try to take advantage of guys who can't resist such women.

    And a lot of guys are trained by US society to value women by not only their looks, but how willing they are to show them off, and how willing they are to have sex in exchange for what they want from the guy.

    There are a lot of women who are not too much like that.but not many in the US who don't have a least a part of their personality involved in the Playboy philosophy, although of course they would never admit it. Oh no, we're modern women, we are 'smart', we certainly aren't sluts.we demand respect.

    BUT.they generally won't do anything to earn any respect.

    But their behavior is more telling than their words, no?

    I agree with you that it shouldnt' be that way.but it's a question of the whole culture, not just a few individuals, unfortunately.


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  • Not true. While the media sells sex, you don't have to do so to impress a guy. I've never been one to wear that sort of stuff unless I'm going to a club, and I've had no problem getting guys. As a matter of fact, you'll attract the wrong sort of guy, I would think. There are plenty of ways to be sexy and still be modest.

    • I agree with you, but he is true that in music videos and tv, girls are ALWAYS dressing "dirty". For example, in a music video, a guy can just be walking down the street and that video is considered "hot". In order for a girls video to be "hot" the girl has to be half naked and dirty dancing. That is considered "hot" for a girl. Why is that?

    • I watched a documentary on "video girls" the other day, discussing the lifestyle and how they are treated as sex objects. I'm not saying that some people don't view that as the epitome of "hotness" but that there are men who don't think you have to be that way or the way the medis says we have to be.

  • No you don't have to. The guys you get when you start acting slutty are the guys who only want sex. And that does not make you special. Just because you can turn a guy on does not mean that you're worth anything really so I don't know why girls get their self worth from that. I hang out with a lot of guys sometimes and they want to have sex with most girls (who look halfway decent), from the shy sweet church girl to the certified freak. So if you use sex to get a guy's attention that just shows that all you have going for you is your body and your sexual skills and that gets old fast. So yeah, you'll get attention but it's shortlived and worthless.


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  • I don't think a woman HAS to do that I don't think it's about that either. I think most of the girls that are doing that like the way they look they look good and they want to show what they have. A lot of men are the same way. These girls like Lady Gaga etc work out they diet they take care of their bodies and they look good so they put on the unitard or the bikini style out fit etc and they sing they are beautiful and just enjoying what they look like. The men do it to. Of course there is a tendency in society to portray women as sex objects but if a girl wants to look sexy that's her business with some people that's just their style , what their into. I don't view it as "indecent" and as to modesty I have never seen any real reason for it I don't think it is useful for any thing really.