How do you find a husband? What do you look for in a mate?

All my friends ask me, "how did you find such a great guy?" So that got me to thinking about five years ago when I decided to look at myself and try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I found out that I was not looking for "the wrong man." I was looking at "the wrong men."

Now I have a wonderful husband and daughter. So I am looking to find out either how you found your husband or what you are looking for in a man?



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  • I like guys I feel like I can be myself with and don't have to pretend with. Usually its a guy I can talk to easily, has a similar level of intelligence, humor (my main coping mechanism) and I'm attracted to. I guess that is too much, because I can't manage to find anyone who wants to date seriously except people I have to pretend to like.


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