Got close to a female friend?

Guys-need your view, put yourself in the shoes of this guy I know--If you became best friends with a girl--got closer than with your guy friends & other female friends, do you think odds are there is more too it--like potential interest for more? Would you keep your distance more if you only wanted friendship with her? Would you invest that much time & personal info of yourself for a girl you saw no potential for a mate in?


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  • If I am closer to a girl than my friends and if I pay more attention to her I am definitely interested in her as more than a friend.

    • I think so too, but when I asked other questions similar to this, some shot me down...I know everyone is different, but I like to see what you guys would do if it was you.

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  • There is no way I would get closer to a girl than my best friends unless I wanted to be in a relationship with her. My experiences with girls as just friends have never ended well.

    • Thanks! I think like that too---but some people don't...appreciate your imput. Hopefully I'm right :)

  • All of my best friends are women, but there is always a potential for more in those friendships if the circumstances were right. I try to get close to people I like being around and who I really enjoy as people and want in my life. And often if those people are women, I also consider them in the light of being potential mates if things were to work out that way ... and if they do, what better foundation could be laid than a strong friendship? I have been "friend-zoned" before but I'd rather that than jumping into a relationship without that foundation.


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