Should women demand men shave their bodies too?

I mean the whole body, ladies, like they demand we do. You see, I don't see women insulting men and saying they are unattractive if they are hairy. I don't see women refusing intimacy over that either. So shouldn't we women do the same? Shouldn't men feel too the social pressure to be hairless?

Women may not be as hairy naturally, but there are plenty of places where it is normal for us to have visible hair. I find it ridiculous how some men are hairy like a gorilla and they insult women who aren't hairless.

I feel like nobody should be pressured to do it. If someone shaves it should be because they truly want it not becase they feel pressured to do so, like it would be to get a tattoo.
Yes, men should shave if they want women to shave
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No, things are fine the way they are
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Nobody should feel pressured to shave
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13 d
Damn people, I am not talking about just your partner asking you to shave. Women get judged by people who are not their partners if they don't shave. I have seen girls being judged by others if they had armpit or leg hair. I have also been told by another girl how one of her mates received a razor as a Christmass gift because she had some arm hair. How is that ok to you?
Go on the instagram page of a girl who doesn't shave and see how many comments she gets on it. That wouldn't happen to a man.
Should women demand men shave their bodies too?
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