What is the biggest change after teenage years?

I am 20 as of today :) What do you think, or do you predict, to be the biggest change or challenge entering the next stage of life?


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  • not sure if it's a hurdle but being constantly referred to as an adult takes a while to get use to.

    For a while I would cringe when I stopped being called 'girl' and it replaced by 'Lady, woman or worse Ma'am.' The joys of being in customer service meant I over came this quickly though (Mind you, being called Ma'am still makes me groan internally).


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  • Life changes.. Responsibility seems more serious... Independence grows as you do more things for yourself... Yeah I'm still 20 so I can't tell you what the whole 20s stage..

  • happy birthday! and welcome to the 20's haha.

    The next step is maturity and independence whilst having plenty of fun :)


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  • wisdom, understanding, maturity and Physical in my opinion =) and happy birthday bro I just turned 20 on the 16th of feb

  • maturity comes with trial and errors in your twenties. high school didn't do sh*t, now is the time where you actually learn life skills and find out who you really are now that you gotta prepare to start living life without mommy and daddy holding your hand. the real world comes at you like a brick so while your 20's is the time to make mistakes and enjoy youth, you still gotta handle your business so that brick doesn't hurt so much when it comes.

  • Happy Birthday mate, your life starts officially from here on. The biggest change I felt after losing my teen-hood, is that you've gotta start taking up responsibilities, and you gotta start laying foundation for your career. Lot's of parties, drinking, women, hehe, strap on your seat belts brodha, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Not much. The biggest change is the first few years out of high school which you've already had. That's a huge maturity gain. Well for most people some stay the same or get worse. If I had to pick something though, I'd say financial responsibility.

  • hppy b'day!

    in my case I m in 3rd year of my graduation &now the carefree life seems to be coming an end now!

    i like it thou

  • -Chubby Neck, watch as the skin under your chin starts to sag

    -Hairy Back

    -Hairy Neck

    -Hairy Chest

    -Hairy Shoulders

    -Hairy Ass crack

    -Hairy Ass in general

    -Hairy balls

    -Hairy stomach hair

    -Hair growth excessive in nostrils

    -Hairy ears

    -Hairy Knuckles

    -Lowered metabolism so watch your stomach get a flat tire

    -Hair loss, if not than a receding hair line

    -Bags in the eyes that are harder to eliminate with sleep

    -Stretch Marks on ass

    -Stretch marks on armpit area

    -Callus all over feet


    -More veins around p.enis

    -More veins on feet

    -Wider nose

    -Rampunzel Armpit hair

    After 20, you are f***ed.


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