I'm not physically attracted to people? Anyone else find that they are like this?

Soo...a friend and myself have had several conversations about this and he has come to the conclusion that something is "wrong" with me. I am not 'physically' attracted to people. A pretty face, a nice body, I don't give a damn. My other friends don't understand it either, why I have been able to like guys that although they thought they would be nice guy friends, they considered ugly. They all think 'normally', I believe, their first impression of a person being their looks, then after time becoming attracted to a person on a deeper level. I've never actually understood how people can think that way, but meh. Anyone else feel this way?


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  • I notice you're under 18. Just wait a few years. I remember when I was 'under 18.' It took a little while, in my case, for the "normal" mindset to kick in.

    But yes, I definitely used to feel that way, for a while.

    • Haha, not for long anymore. Meh, I haven't mentally been my age for a few years, none of my friends honestly ever expected me to be two, three, four years plus younger than them. I have met other people who feel the same, who are married/in a committed relationship, I was just curious how common it is, that's all. I definitely don't expect for my preferences to change. It's silly in my mind, I want to be with that person for the rest of my life, their appearance will change anyways. :)

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