What would be the good haircut for a round face?

it says it all...
thank you! :)


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  • No full fringe, Grow your bangs out.

    Also straight hair makes a round face look less round than curly hair

    • I am a straight hair and light brown hair...and I have along hair

      i wanted to look different so I'm planning to cut my hair but I don't know what style should I go for...

    • Try and keep it long, short hair will emphasize a round face.

      If you're going to layer it around your face make sure the layers don't start any higher than the bottom of your ears.

      As for the rest of your hair, layers around the back won't affect your shape face so that's OK. V cuts are also in style so maybe do that? it looks killer in a pony tail. But don't layer your hair if it's thin!

      link (on the left)

  • I have a rounder face too!

    The best things I have found


    - For short hair- Bobs. Medium length and long tend to look best though.

    - Layers work wonders!

    - Curly/ wavy hair, it balances out the round and looks normal, when I wear straight hair, I tend to give it some body, because it can make your face look bigger

    - Do half up's- Wear half your hair up ( from your ears up,) it offsets your face well!

    - When wearing your hair up, keep a few pieces framing your face, so it doesn't looks so harsh and makes your face look rounder.


    ~ Don't do full bangs, it will cut off the streamline you are trying to have and make your face rounder

    ~ Don't do really short hair, or hair past your waist.

    Hope this helped!


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