What does it mean when you smile at a guy and he smirks at you?

so there is this guy who has been looking at me recently. he has blond hair and blue. or green, eyes. and he is super tall. I decided to give him a smile. as he was walking into class, he looked at me and I was looking at him. I smiled, and he kept looking at me and then he gave me a smirk by his left cheek. what does this mean? should I smile at him again?
plus, I forgot to add that I saw his photos on facebook. and his smile is, I must admit, a bit corny. do you think maybe that is the reason why he smirked. also, I have dimples, if that matters. a small dimple on my left cheek and a big one on the right.


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  • lol he grinned at you likely because he was flattered at the attention?

    besides, in that situation, must guys would 'grin' back, for some reason they think they look sexier grinning. he likely thinks your cute so I really wouldn't over think it ... the fact is,u got a positive reaction, so why not smile again and see what happens? your obviously attracted to him ... :)

    ps. he sounds cute, lol.


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