Is the only way to a guy's heart through his eyes?

It seems like looks are what actually make a guy have an emotional reaction, more so than anything else. How true is that?


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  • I actually was discussing this with my friend the other day - who is a guy but yes looks are important to some extent! Looks are not there for all eternity but your personality, your character is so as long as you acquire some of those qualities - you are good! But always remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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  • Looks are what get attention, but there has to be more for (most) guys to stay past the sex.

    Don't you also want to be with someone easy on the eyes? Looks matter, not completely, but they definitely matter!

    • I mean, I think looks cause a guy to think there is something more. So its kinda pointless to even get to know a guy unless he thinks you're the hottest girl he's ever met.

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