What is it in a girl that really attracts a guy?

Physical...or not...what is it that makes a guy see a girl as different from the rest? and I don't mean what attracts him to want to sleep with her but I mean attracts him to want to know her better on a deeper level


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  • A real keeper has character. that attracts me, a woman who has principle's and idea's. a woman who is passionate in everything she does. a woman who is lively. I love a strong woman. not physically strong but strong in her character and her mannerizm.

    • i see..so what if a girl has all of this but not your type physically?

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    • I think I just know my taste. hey I do it all for the XPER points ! ^_^

    • hahaha xper points ^_^

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  • It's different for every guy. Why do girls have such a difficult time understanding the idea behind individuality?

    • because guys continue to have consistant similar traits, with few individual differences but they do generalise themselves

  • a good and often used laugh. something that makes me think, "I would be fun to be around her'.


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  • There are so many things that make a woman attractive to a man. When use the word man, I mean man in every sense of the word (not just an adult male). Most wonderful men that I know are attracted to women that are confident and know what they want yet still innocent and sweet. About five years ago I changed how I looked at men and myself and found happiness with the most wonderful man. Here is what I learned.



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