Do you have any magical tip about fashion, cooking a meal, love, ....?

Skin care, Workout, ...Give me your magical tips guys! :)


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  • I don't have magical tips but I will put my 2 cents in :~)

    Fashion – well everyone has their own taste so tell me what kinds of stuff you like and I'll try to give you advice on it. For me; I like skirts, skinny jeans, shorts, combats, t-shirts and little dresses on top of skirts. Just be confident and comfortable in what you wear, it's your body at the end of the day.

    Cooking a meal – I believe every good meal should have some spices to it (even though too many spices make me tear up), always put salt in your food so it actually has taste Lol Taste it whilst making it to make sure you've put the right amount of ingredients in your food and that it tastes good or if you have someone with you, ask them to taste it for you.

    Love – Take it slow. If you really love someone, you stick by them through the good and the bad. You give them your all and if that's not good enough for them then you you choose what your next step is.

    Skin care – Hmm I use nivea and it works a treat, it makes my skin so nice and smooth.

    Workout- Run a lap every day or jog, you should exercise 30 minutes a day. Use the treadmill, that tends to be fun. I go on the treadmill and put my headphones in and then I`m off.

    • Wooow! Thanks Miss Expert ;)

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    • I know you will ;)

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  • Noting really magic, just the old adage about the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. There's nothing more endearing than cooking something delicious to make someone notice you.

  • If you want to cook to you future husband and you wants him to eat your fingers after the meal, than cook with love and add your ingredients & spices of love;)

    • that are nice words but no actual tip in what you're saying

    • her's your tip, if you want to remain young with a tight skin, sleep early, don't stress or getting angry so much and drink lot's of water and wash your face with cold water and keep exercising!

    • That means I'll die young :D

  • I'll answer your series of ?'s in chronological order:

    -I feel that women should wear clothing that flatters their body, so they look good. *licks lips* But seriously...guys truly don't care about high fashion.

    - When it comes to cooking, spices are key to making cooking fun. Try using spices such as cumin, sage, thyme, coriander & basil to, um, spice things up.

    - When it comes to love...all I can say is to make sure that you're not closed off to its opportunity.

    - I wash my face everyday with Clearasil face wash. I accidentally used the one with the beads, & I had glitter all over my face lol. I've been blessed with good skin, so I never had to fight with acne.

    - With working out...think about the type of body you have, then think about the type of body you want. If you like the way that martial artists, swimmers, marathon runners, tennis players, etc look, do a workout that mimics that sport.

    • You're gr8! :)

    • Btw Ms. knowme...what provoked you to ask such a random & scatter-brained question? :)

  • honey, venger and lemon juice in equal parts is a fantastic cough syrup.

  • Okay this is the Adam method of cooking amazing food :D. It doesn;t work for all kinds of food it's especially for stews and soups and sauces and stuff like that.

    Learn to use your nose and smell how food tastes and imagine how it would be with other stuff in it too. Then, throw something insane into it and then 'fix' it with other ingredients and it will have a unique and delicious flavour :D:D But do be selective about what crazy ingredient you add - go by the smell - but DO NOT BE CONSERVATIVE!

    They say the best chefs are men because men are more fearless, but in these feminist times, fearless women shall prevail! And they shall make more amazing food than ever before and this will make them way sexier especially if its insane amazing food but also homey soupy food AT THE SAME TIME :o.

    I think a virgin just taught you how to be a better lover...times are changing...


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  • I am a professional in beauty, and this is what I have recommended, and what I do myself, hope it helps :-)


    Boil green lettuce leaves for 10 minutes in enough water to cover, let it cool and use as a facial mask.


    Cardio is the trick! You want to pike up your heart rate for 2 min than slow down, and repeat. [Only if you are fit, this may cause strains.]


    Depends on your BODY TYPE, don't dress with the trend, if the trend doesn't compliment your body.


    Love the slow cooker, it is great :)


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