If men don't (generally) like implants...?

I've read and heard a thousand of times, from a thousand different guys who dislike implants, or fake breasts, whatever. That they prefer natural breasts, some claim to like small breasts, but even those who claim to prefer large breasts say that natural is way better.

Then why, oh why, are there mostly women with fake tits in the media? Porn, Playboy, movies. Implants everywhere! I mean there are lots of natural busty women out there, so what's the deal?

I know how this makes me feel, as a small chested woman, but I can't help but wonder how do big breasted women feel?

I mean really, if natural is better, then why do you lust and buy and drool over fake silicone bags? See? Silly-cone.

I'm sorry but I just hate the fake look, and how fake seems to be better, while everyone says that natural is the way to go, but then that makes no sense because fake is glorified everywhere.


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  • Sex sells everything, but then, who's selling the sex itself (and I don't mean through prostitution)?

    How does the porn industry do this (in relation to your question)? By glorifying enormous boobs to a demographic of smaller-breasted women.

    The porn industry is HUGE, and since there's everything out there now from just a plain amateur masturbating, to "2 girls, 1 cup". they need to be able to sell something that can always be desired.

    Fact is, guys watch more porn than girls - no shock there. Where the marketing comes in is by association. Think of it like product placement in a movie, where instead of the product being coke or a laptop computer, it's boobs.

    See, what happens is, you flood the market with a product, and in doing so, make it the norm. This works for Microsoft Windows in the computer industry, and also applies to breasts in the porn industry.

    If big breasts become the norm, then that's what boys are "taught" (just like we are "taught" through any other form of advertising) to like and enjoy most etc.

    Now, this plays on women's emotions, because as a whole, women are seen as rather insecure and self conscious, especially when it comes to body image.

    These feelings lead to a rise in plastic surgery - breast enlargement surgery in particular - and thus continue to add momentum to the marketing appeal of the product, in this case, larger boobs (just like every day, more and more computers are being produced, and in that, more and more of those computers have Windows; it's a never ending cycle, and it's like gold for business).

    Now, why do guys currently seem to enjoy the average-sized girl more? The answer is because this is simply the most common type of girl around, and is thus seen as the current norm.

    Of course, through sneaky marketing in the porn industry, larger breasted women are making more and more appearances in porn, thus slowly transforming what exactly the norm is.

    In doing so, this is also gradually changing women's attitudes about their bodies, making them feel inadequate, which is, once again, just another marketing technique.

    This brings me back to my starting point, sex sells.

    Hope that helps to answer your question :)


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  • The media girls with falsies, look like the phonies they are most unattractive!

    All the same, there must be a lot of people out there who like them and the image that surrounds it as it makes lots of money for those who exploit it!

  • My guess is that the girls who get the implants probably still THINK they need to be bigger to appeal to men, even though that isn't the case.

    And yeah, I hate the fake look, too

  • I completely agree with said polls. I'm not sure if I'm just an exception to everybody, but I really don't like porn at all. This is because there is no real passion or love at all; it is just a 'fake' scene done by actors. This idea transfers to breasts also for me. When a girl goes to get a foreign substance put into their chests, it shows me that they are not particularly interested in the real kind of love that I am looking for, but are interested in becoming an object. Women are extremely beautiful, and when they change who they really are, I feel like they just don't really see what is important.

    Of course, if the implants are for a certain person, then I can allow that. I don't want to say that what other people like is wrong (especially since this answer might be really off-base to a lot of men).

  • Most guys do prefer natural. When choosing pornographic material, if they have a choice, they will choose something with natural breasts. There are TONS of pornographic websites with "Big Naturals" and stuff like that. You named one actual place to get porn, Playboy, and believe me, it's not like that's the only place guys go to look.

    There's a plethora of natural breasted women on the internet you just have to be a guy who searches for hours for it haha.

    Also, part of the dislike for implants is how they feel. So sure they don't look as nice, but we're not really touching them so it isn't as big of a deal.

    You really haven't named any places with tons of implants, or people with tons of implants. From what I can see you really haven't done your research.

    • But mainstream media? What about movies like "Bachelor's Party 2"? Surely those are all natural? And all these kinds of movies, you know... Ads selling beer, etc... Axe commercials... Are those really natural? Gee, I must be blind 'cause I was sure the majority were fake.

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    • Lol, I'm a B cup. And my only boyfriend, has liked bigger breasts better. He likes mine though, but says his preference is for bigger. Yet his ex is almost flat (but totally gorgeous anyway).

      It's like the times when A cup girls fall in love with guys who like D cups. Or when DD cup girls fall in love with guys who love A cups. Weird, how nature works. Maybe it's for us to learn that looks really don't matter and that we can fall in love with anyone who matches our personality preference.

    • "Maybe it's for us to learn that looks really don't matter and that we can fall in love with anyone who matches our personality preference."

      And with that, I think you really do know the difference between a guy looking for love, and a guy looking for lust. Many girls and women need to learn that if a guy falls in love with her, they love how she looks, and they love how she is, so even if other people may think she looks bad, all that matters is that your man doesn't. At least I think so. :)

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  • More than one guy has told me that he was worried when we first met that I might have fake tits. "Worried" was really the word they used. So from my experience anyway, it seems they prefer natural. However large fake tits might better than tiny real ones. I have a friend who was just totally flat before she got hers, and she says her boyfriend loves them.

    • I have been wanting fake boobs forever because they look like fun; they look fake and they look superr perky and round and I really don't get the horror on my girlfriend's faces when I talk about this. I have been obsessed with boobs all of my life and I always beat my male friends at guessing real/fake. if fake boobs make a woman feel sexy then my thought is that they are going to make her sexy and if a guy is turned off by fake boobs that a woman is into; that warrants investigation.