Bleached hair help?

i have bleached my hair 3 times to get it to the color it is, and I bleached it a forth time so it would be white but it keeps turning out orange every time I do it .

i use a toner, but it doesn't really work . I want white / blonde-ish hair . . but only my roots turn out the right color, and the rest of my hair is orange or bright yellow .

what do I do to get white hair ?


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  • I have white hair and it took me forever to figure out how to get it. Bleach doesn't work for me at all. I use L'oreal in the lightest ash blond I can find that isn't a powder bleach (no feria or super blonde). But since you've bleached it a lot already I wouldn't recommend dying it again. I used the brass banisher l'oreal makes and its amazing (you can find it pretty much anywhere). Also I put olive oil on the ends after I dye it to help with the damage. Hope this helps :)


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  • You'd look better with dark hair anyway, I think.

    • My girlfriend at the time wanted to bleach her hair... I told her that she would look stupid. I agree with you, I think she would look better with dark hair.

  • I like your profile pics hair color. Just saying.


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  • are you using blond box dyes or actual bleach? box dyes will always make you go orange/ginger colour. but if you get a highlighting kit or bleach kit, its a powder and peroxide solution (which mixes to a blue solution) it will go very light blonde/white.

    you could always go to a salon, but make sure you use plenty of conditioning treatments pure bleach like that is not kind to your hair! good luck :)

  • I recommend getting your hair done professionally. I tried bleaching my hair on my own once and I had the same problem of getting orange hair. The salon was able to fix it and get it right, and it was well worth the $50 I paid.

  • From a beauty professional, I beg you to STOP bleaching your hair. Your hair will eventually become so dry that it will break, especially that you are bleaching the roots.

    If you want to achieve that look (which I do not think you should) you need to go get it done professionally. People with dark hair have a natural red chemical IN the hair strands, when you bleach this red reacts and turns orange.

    You have plenty of time to have white hair when you are 50, don't ruin your hair trying to get that look now !

    However if you decide to continue, I STRONGLY do not recommend you use a straightener, curler, etc.

  • Are you doing it yourself? That's not such a great idea, go to a salon and get it done by pros.

    Also, don't do it so much, bleach will turn your hair into straw, yo.

  • if you keep bleaching your hair its going to fall out.


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