So there is the one really attractive girl, and I want to get to know her

So there is one really attractive girls in one of my lectures. I always wanted to talk to her in class but she was always with her friends. So about a week ago I went to an event in my school and she was organizing it. I went over and introduced my self to her, and said how she was in one of my classes. So 2 days later my friend who is president of her sorority asked me to stop by during her meeting so that she can give me something, and I noticed she was there, I just said hi to all the girls and did not address her alone. My friend introduced me as the president of my fraternity, and how I was a president of another organization on campus as well. So I think she is really cute, and she's a winner of several beauty pageants and stuff, me on the other hand, I am an average looking guy. Not sure how exactly to approach her and get her number. I also told my friend who is the president of my sorority that I think she is cute and I asked about her.
So I guess, My question will also be how important is looks? I am not a terrible looking guy, but she is definitely quite attractive?


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  • Looks aren't everything. But she would have to be attracted to you in order for her to want to date you. Try talking to her more and see where it goes from there.

  • I think looks don't really matter, as it's about the personality of the person, so just be yourself and she might just be interested in you. :) hope I helped!


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