Acne is killing my social life! What do I do?

I am always getting asked out and always tell themsome excuse and saying next weekend! because my face is so bad and my back too. uggghhhh


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  • Stuff that worked for me:

    Best solution: Acne products (Proactive, or other styles of "cleanser/toners/etc")

    - You'll see results a lot faster

    Other possibilities:

    1) Hormonal imbalance (Sometimes birth control can regulate this? It's been a long time since I studied that, but talk to other females and they'll fill you in)

    2) Bowl of ice cold water after a hot shower, dip your face in it

    - This closes up your pores so that your getting less oil / sweat / grime in them.. Something I read about on "bodyhack" a while back as well.

    3) Time - Seriously. Most of the time it's typically an age-related issue and usually clears up as you age.

    4) Eating better - Less "fast food" and more healthy home-cooked meals

    etc and so forth.

    You can read these tips online.. just go to google and type in: "Home remedy for acne"

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Get some sun. Put toothpaste on your acne and leave it on a few minutes before you shower. You might want to take two showers a day in the morning and at night. Also wash your sheets weekly.

    • sun and toothpaste are the worst advice EVER. toothpaste contains all sorts of pore clogging junk and sun makes your acne looks slightly better at first, only to become even worse afterward. The best thing is to visit a dermatologist and let him help you!

    • Meh... They've both worked for me. I tried all of the different skin products and only thing they did was make my acne worse. A friend suggested toothpaste and it worked fine. Skin does react differently for everyone though.

  • try washing your face more often and put a towel over your pillow


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  • babe, you're getting asked out all the I don't think it's killing your social life ;) clearly those guys (or girls) don't care about it, so you should try to relax about it. besides, stress worsens acne.

  • I've had acne since I was born so I don't understand how it can "kill" your social life. If you're getting asked out obviously they want to hang out with you. It's not all about looks, but with your personality. You're killing your social life by saying no, not your acne.

  • If you can...head to a dermatologist...but you can also try Proactive which is brilliant.

  • Well obviously they don't care or they wouldn't be asking you out in the first place...

  • it's all in your head. you're killing your social life, not your acne


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