Guy saying "I'm not looking for commitment" but wants to "go on dates, not see other people, essentially DATE"?

Call me crazy, but I've been with guys who solely want sex and nothing else, as well as guys who want relationships. HOWEVER, I have NEVER been with someone who wants to "date (including exclusivity, going on dates, talking every day, etc.) without calling it dating." What IS THIS?! I started talking to this guy, we get along great, see each other once a week for dates (our schedules clash BIG time) aren't seeing anyone else, etc. But he's been burned by girls in the past, always "the one that gets more attached" and is terrified of commitment. He says he tends to focus too much on the girl and not his priorities when he gets in relationships and is trying to get into grad school right now, so he's "scared to get in a relationship/attached because he won't focus on grad school and thus, might not get in." But he's the one always saying the cute things to me, always the one talking to me first, and then all the sudden he "can't do it anymore." A month later, after we see each other out one day, he tells me it's because he found himself getting tooattached and freaked out. So, being the idiot that I am, we started doing the same thing again and now he's acting the exact same way that he did before he walked away the last time. I don't understand; I've never been with someone who says they don't want commitment but whose actions insinuate the exact opposite. He's a great guy, not a douche, but I have no clue what I should do? I'd love to be friends with him even if we weren't dating, and the first time we ended everything we were on great terms. Can someone please help to explain thisdating PHENOMENA to me? Thanks. :)


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  • do what your doing he is potential husband material but besides that a lot of women are looking for guys like that who look at them for who they are and not just for what they have as for the freaking out show him that he can trust you and that you are not there to use him but if you don't feel as if you can take it then don't go on any further with the dating because he will end up hurt and you disappointed because you hurt him


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