What do you think of freckles?

i had a blanket of them across my nose as a kid, but they've faded out significantly since. I can only see them somewhat in the summer, they are more likely to be mistaken for dirt than freckles...googling them turned up results that largely implied them as undesirable, offering laser removals and assurances that they aren't cancerous. Which I found somewhat bothersome to my lightly dappled nose.

What do you think of them? Cute? Can there be too many?

Personal freckle tales?

*Granted, we all know these are a natural skin formation and nothing to get super bothered by.*

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hehe, so much support for spots!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Definitely cute. Especially on you with your complexion.

  • don't love em or hate em, but they can be quite cute :P I guess I'll put "meh"


What Girls Said 3

  • I only get freckles in the summer (instead of tanning, lol) but I think they're cute (on both genders, haha). I wish I had more. :P

  • I've always thought freckles were super pretty. Just look at gorgeous Jullianne Moore! :)

  • I like them when there's some across your nose and cheeks with a darker skin complexion. I'm super white and get them and I just don't like it. I'd rather be super white w/o them.

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