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this might seem a little weird, but I was just reading through questions and came across one from a girl wanting feedback on how she looks based on her profile picture, and I thought that was kind of a neat idea: to get opinions from a bunch of unbiased, random strangers. so here goes! what are your opinions on how I look? pretty? ugly? approachable or intimidating? etc. be as brutal as you want, I won't be offended, I'm just curious.

the big version of my picture in my profile is a little grainy because I took it on my webcam, sorry. and yes, I blurred the background so you can't see my armies of little girl stuffed animals.


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  • Your profile pics looks a little washed out, and you've glasses on, so it's difficult to say. You look pretty cute from what I can see! (That is to say, I'd do you if, well, you get the idea. ;)

    I'm a huge fan of pale skin, btw.

    You don't look all that approachable, though. The way your eyes are lidded and the half-smile (if that's your usual look) would make me think twice about trying to seduce you.

    • Hmm. that seems to be the story of my life: "you're cute but I wouldn't approach you." what is a more approachable expression? I mean, I don;t keep my face frozen into a half smile, of course, but it would be nice to know something I could do better. thanks a ton

    • Good question! I can only give you my perspective, but --

      It's not about looking sultry or flirty, just open and friendly. I'll approach a girl if she looks smily, chatty or nervous (or all three); makes it easier for me to crack a joke.

      If she looks like she's judging me or not interested (both are distinctive looks) I'll head for the hills -- they're easier to surmount than mountains! It's ego shredding to try and break through an ice queen's armour. Hope that helped :)

    • Yeah, that helped a lot thanks. :) I thought this was sort of a dumb, fun question to ask but I've actually gotten some insight from it, lol.

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  • Okay, judge me pictures 101:

    A. no angle shots

    B. take it on a decent camera as web cams and cell phone cams are always shitty.

    C. don't photoshop unless it's pimples and blemishes.

    D. Full body pics please.

    Aside from that, you look cute but I can't really tell.

    • Yeah sorry it's a bad shot from my webcam. I didn't photoshop myself, though, just the background

  • You look ok to me, not a very good picture. I like your hair, skin seems kinda pale, but that could be the photo. You have nice facial features and sexy lips. I'd like to see you without the glasses.

  • You kind of look like a vampire, and no that is not a bad thing. I actually think you are kind of hot

  • id love to judge. but don't see any pics :(


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