Which of these qualities are most important?

I got the idea to post this from TimeAndTimeAgain after he posted a list of qualities a guy could have and asked girls to rate them in order of how important they were. Here is the link to his question:


I thought it was an awesome question and decided to ask guys the same question about girls. So out of the following qualities which do you think are the most important in a potential girlfriend? Rate them from most important to least important. I am very interested to see what kind of responses I get!

-Beautiful/Attractive (looks good)

-Hot (knows how to turn you on and make you crazy)



-Doesn't drink/ get drunk (at least not all the time)/smoke/do drugs


-Respectful to others (doesn't treat others like sh*t)




-Can Cook





Thanks TimeAndTimeAgain for the idea! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • They're all pretty important. I can't pick


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